By Examining the data for 2005, the World Health Organization has estimated that 1.6 billion human beings are overweight and 400 million, obese. England and France are banning the advertising of refrigerant on the television. In Germany and Belgium, the ban is worth up to trade in the vicinity of schools. In Ireland, celebrities may not make commercial soft drinks directed to the public playground IT IS because the soft drink CAUSES in our body reactions extremely harmful, as we can see in a study by professor Dr. Carlos Alexandre Fett, of the Faculty of Physical Education of UFMT,Laboratory of Physical fitness and Metabolism- 3615 8836; Consultancy in Human Performance and Aesthetics.

 We will learn what happens inside our body within 60 minutes after consumption.


 10 teaspoons of sugar hit his body, 100 % of the recommended daily. You do not vomits immediately by sweet extreme, because the phosphoric acid cuts the taste.


The level of sugar in their blood erupted, forcing a spouted of insulin. The liver responds by transforming all the sugar that it receives in fat ( That is too much for this moment in particular).


THE absorption of caffeine is complete. His pupils dilate, blood pressure rises, the liver responds by pumping more sugar into the blood stream. Adenosine receptors in the brain are blocked to prevent tonteiras.


 The body increases the production of dopamine, stimulating the pleasure centers of the body. (Physically, operates as with heroin ... )


phosphoric acid pushes calcium, magnesium, and zinc for the large intestine, increasing the metabolism. The high doses of sugar and other sweeteners increase the excretion of calcium in the urine, i.e. it is urinando their bones, one of the causes of OSTEOPOROSIS.


 The natriuretic of caffeine come into action. You urine. Now it is guaranteed that it will for outside calcium, magnesium, and zinc, which their bones would need. As the wave drops you will suffer a shock of sugar. Will irritadico. You have already put out everything that was in soft drink, but not without first having put out, with, things of which they will lack the their body. Think before drinking soft drinks. If you cannot avoid them, curb their intake! Prefer natural juices. His body thanks! There are no studies showing that the intake of calories in liquid form may be more damaging to health than the determiner of solid food. It seems that the calories in liquid form can dribble the appetite and slows the feeling of satiety, which leads us to eat more and gain weight.

In the 1970s the journalist William Dufty launched "Sugar Blues" that demonizava sugar, spread the idea that sugar fattening. Several experts agree that in addition to fatten, may include dental caries, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, stroke, renal failure, blindness, diseases of the nervous system, in addition to something like six to seven years of life the least. It is obvious that anyone who consumes sugar must be passed by this ordeal, and no one is forbidden to drink a can of soda or eat a piece of cake. The big question is in excess.

Paulo  Mascarenhas


Study by Professor Dr.Carlos Alexandre Fett

                               Faculty of Physical Education of UFMT, Laboratory of Physical 

                               fitness and Metabolism - 3615 8836, Consulotancy in Human              

                               Performance and   Aesthetics.

                               and Fett See Edition 2131